Jul. 10th, 2009

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Welcome to the 5th Annual Numb3rs Slash Ficathon!

The Ficathon is a celebration of the return of Numb3rs and has purposely been timed to take place over hiatus so that a) we all have a reason to live until the new season starts *g*, and b) the posting of the fic will coincide with the premiere of the sixth season.

This year’s theme is Trading Places (aka Role Reversal). How will that work? It’s easy, you just choose two characters and reverse their roles. Maybe Charlie is the FBI agent and Don’s the math genius, or Charlie’s the student and Amita his thesis advisor, or Megan is the elder Eppes and team leader while Don’s the profiler, or David’s the spy and Colby feels betrayed . . .

You do not have to reverse the roles of the characters you will be slashing; you may choose any two characters to ‘role reverse’. For example, reverse Colby and Amita, and have Charlie struggle with his attraction to his grad student Colby Granger.

You may stick pretty closely to canon events otherwise, or go wild and crazy and make your AU even more, uh, AU-ish. (Say, make Edgerton a werewolf. *coff* If you wanted to. No pressure. *g*)

More Ficathon and Sign-up Info Hiding Behind This Cut )

Sign-ups are now closed. *g*


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