Jul. 20th, 2009

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Yep, as the subject line implies, this is the place to toss around ideas for your reversal. Whether you’ve already signed up and are boggling over the sheer number of possibilities, or if you’re still sitting on the fence, come on in and throw your ideas into the hat. Offer up suggestions for other people, or tell us about the reversal you’re thinking about writing.

(You might think that I already knew who I was going to reverse when I decided to use this theme for the ficathon this year. You’d be wrong. *g* I found myself coming up with ideas and getting really excited about this theme when I was going back and forth with Andi, so I decided to create this post to give everyone someone to toss ideas around with.)

I listed some suggestions in the Sign-up Post, which I’ll repeat here to get the ball rolling:

~Charlie is the FBI agent and Don’s the math genius
~Charlie’s the student and Amita his thesis advisor
~Megan is the elder Eppes and team leader, while Don’s the profiler
~David’s the spy and Colby feels betrayed
~Colby’s the grad student and Amita the FBI Agent (Charlie struggles with his attraction to his grad student Colby Granger)
~Edgerton’s the profiler and Megan the sniper (write sniper!Megan/Amita, or profiler!Edgerton/Larry) [reversal idea snagged from [livejournal.com profile] admiralandrea]

The possibilities are endless! (And I know, that’s part of the problem. *g*)

Some of you may not want to share the ideas you’re writing, and that’s fine. But if you do want to toss the idea around to figure out where you’re going with it, that’s great, too.

So, if you want help narrowing your ideas down, or you want to flesh out your reversal, or you want to throw out some reversal ideas that you’re not going to use for others to ponder, this is the place to do that.


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